Fall Activities in Half Moon Bay

Most people know about the Art & Pumpkin Festival held every year in Half Moon Bay. After all, our little town is the Pumpkin Capital of the World! You may not realize though, that there are an abundance of small businesses including farms, shops, art galleries and more that may be overlooked in the shadow of the most popular tourist-drawing businesses.


Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year to visit Half Moon Bay and Moss Beach. Come during the week to avoid crowds and experience the best taste of life as we live it. Come for the authentic experiences and memory-making activities that set us apart as a fall getaway destination.


Here are a few of our favorite fall activities…


Visit Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm


“Daylight Farms is a family run farm which has been in business since 1947. We have been growing produce and flowers since its inception.


Originally, Farmer John had school children plant a few pumpkins in May and return to help harvest them in October as a fund raiser for their school. Now he is open to the public under the name of Farmer John’s Pumpkin Farm so more people can share in the farm experience. Farmer John also opens his farm to under-served youngsters by having special days when children with disabilities can come to the farm and enjoy being outdoors on a working farm, enjoying the sights, smells, and pumpkins!


Farmer John truly enjoys meeting and visiting with the people who come to his farm. He has had visitors from as far away as Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany, and as close as many local families from Half Moon Bay. He enjoys talking to them all, and he has a soft spot for children. He tries to make the farm as inviting as possible.




Thrills and Chills at Arata’s Pumpkin Farm


For a different kind of fun, visit Arata’s Farm this Halloween season.


“You can lose yourself in our 6 acre corn field and pumpkin river. Try to challenge yourself intellectually and physically in our 2 acre world famous Minotaur’s Labyrinth Hay Maze. Take a walk on the wild side and adventure into our Haunted Barn. Relax and enjoy yourself on our Hay Ride. Or you can let the kid’s play in our Play Land playground with Miniature Hay Maze, on the Children’s Train Ride or have fun with our animals in the Petting Zoo. We also have many picnic areas throughout the farm, at Arata Pumpkin Farm we have something for everybody.


We also have dozens of varieties of pumpkins and sizes. We have a special pumpkin for everyone in your family! Feel free to give us a call, send us an email or just come to the farm. We would love to see you.”




Create a Masterpiece at Half Moon Bay Art Class


“There will be an introduction to the whole group, explaining the procedure of making a piece of glass art. After that each person will spend about 15-20 minutes on-to-one with the artist who will support them to make their project. Once the piece is finished it has to stay in an annealer overnight and can be picked up or shipped (for an additional fee) the following day. Classes include make your own: pumpkin, memory ball, tumbler, jelly fish lamp, terrarium and more.