The Land Lover – A Half Moon Bay Getaway Personality

The Land Lover is often misunderstood. They commune with the earth as an equal, not as someone who feels they are entitled to treat the earth in whatever way best suits them. They feel a commitment to both deeply enjoy the miraculous beauty our earth provides while also feeling a sincere responsibility to protect it and keep it healthy. The Land Lover is most at home off the beaten path and can sometimes feel more comfortable alone or with a companion than in an artificial environment like a shopping mall surrounded by a lot of people. Is this you? Take our quiz below to seal the deal.

Answer these three questions quickly, without thinking about each one:

  1. Do you believe that waking up later than 8 AM on the weekend is a terrible waste of ideal hiking hours?
  2. Do you think “improved campsite” is an oxymoron? After all, the best campsites have no paved parking spots and building your own fire pit is half the fun.
  3. Is a sunset walk on the beach your form of meditation?

If you answered, “Yes!” to two of the three above, you are a true LAND LOVER. You’re in touch with mother nature in a way city folks simply can’t imagine.



Seal Cove Inn Outdoors ActivitiesOur serene, beautiful inn in Half Moon Bay is the perfect place for you, Land Lover. Just outside our door is the unspoiled  Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. The hikes here are unparalleled as are the simple strolls such as the one from our door through a tree-protected path and down the stairs to Seal Cove Beach.

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Click to see our list of guest and staff favorite nature-loving activities nearby. Pay special attention to the first six. See you soon.