Welcome, Artists!

Half Moon Bay has always embraced the artist and those who simply love art. It doesn’t matter here if you are a world-renowned sculptor or you are taking your first glass-blowing class in order to expand your artistic repertoire, you are welcome and celebrated here.  

Please peruse our short list of the best shops and galleries for those in touch with their inner artist.


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The Best Art Galleries and Shops in Half Moon Bay


Seal Cove Beach Artists 3COASTAL ARTS LEAGUE
A unique coastal arts league gallery and museum.

300 Main St., Ste 6
Zaballa Square
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Seal Cove Beach Artists - blown glassHALF MOON BAY ART CLASS

Learn to create blown glass art – suitable for any skill level.

12341 San Mateo Rd

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone: (650) 283-5626

Bay, CA 94019


Fly on the Wall Art School is an art space with the mission to teach art skills in a way that protects and develops the creative voice and style of each student.

790 Main Street.
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Ellen Joseph Gallery - Seal Cove InnTHE GARDEN GALLERY

Our artists are mature professionals who respect their personal artistic visions enough that they have refined their skills to the degree their visions deserve.

530 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, California 94019

Ellen Joseph Gallery - Seal Cove InnCOLORS OF THE COAST GALLERY

Visitors can often observe Ellen painting in her studio when they visit the gallery, which carries a variety of items with Ellen’s paintings on them, such as pendants, mugs, mouse pads and reasonably priced gifts that highlight the beauty of the area.
We’ve Moved to

Shoreline Station, Suite 107D
225 S. Cabrillo Hwy., Half Moon Bay

Open Saturdays 9am – 1 pm

Or by Appointment

(650) 728-7518

Hawthorne Artwork - Seal Cove Inn


Working from photographs (mine taken on-site or ones that you email to me), I render an image of your home or any building you desire in pen and ink and elegantly double-mat and frame so it’s ready to hang.
200 Valencia St
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
(650) 922-1790